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Lightweight with low drag coefficient that allows fantastic freedom of movement.  Features include Apollo's patented Auto Adjust Buckle and Bio-Tank Lock.

  • Features

    • Rugged 420 denier material
    • Abrasion resistant Kevlar hose with vertical connector
    • Belts expand when wet, auto adjust tension buckle automatically expands and contracts to keep belt snug
    • Bio Tank Lock is included.  Self adjusting with 10x (100 kg) tighter hold than traditional tank retention systems
    • Black only, one size fits all
    • Power Inflater quick valve
    • Bottom bladder exhaust valve
    • Manufactured In Japan
    • Buoyancy:  13 LBS, 6 kg
    • Weight:  5.3 LBS, 2.4 kg
    • Manufactured In Japan
    • Special Order (Non-stock).  Ships 2-4 weeks from receipt of payment.  Customer service will contact you by e-mail to re-confirm order prior to processing request.  All sales final.  No returns or exchanges.
  • Bio-Tank Lock

    Struggling to tighten tank strap?  No problem!  Secure your BCD to dive tank in seconds.  Very little effort and up to 10x (100 kg) more tightening torque than any conventional buckle.  Adjustable screw system makes installation and removal from tank a breeze.  Heavy duty spring automatically adjusts to keep your tank in place and stable.

  • Auto Adjust Buckle

    Find your center!  Neoprene suits compress at depth causing your belt to loosen.  Control your spinning weight belt and listing BCD with an Apollo's patented Auto Adjusting Stainless Steel buckle.

  • Accessories

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