IMPORTANT:  AV-1 (Retired)

Guidelines for Safe Use of Underwater Scooter av-1



Maintenance service of the Underwater Scooter av-1 has already been discontinued due to the repair parts inventory running out.


For safety, please obey safety notices described below in case if the av-1 will continuously be in use.


・Use only a 12V24AH valve-regulated lead-acid battery with secure battery liquid leakage resistance.


・Charge the battery only with its dedicated well-controlled charger.


・Do not use any battery overheated by overcharging, or any battery damaged by over-discharge. It may cause a hydrogen explosion.


・After the battery charge is completed, leave the battery for more than 30 minutes to cool down. Make sure the battery gets cool down to the room temperature before loading the battery into the av-1.  There is a case where the hydrogen release continues until the battery gets cool down.


・After loading the battery into the av-1, make sure the water leakage sensor is properly functioning and the red lamp lights up when touching the water leakage sensor, two plus screws, on the bulk head with fingers.


・Discontinue use of the body assembly or head assembly with which water leakage constantly occurs. Seawater leaked into the av-1 is electrolyzed, and generating hydrogen gas which fills inner the av-1, consequently it may cause a hydrogen explosion.


・After each dive, check for water leakage in the propeller room, and drain the leaked water from the propeller room.


・Discontinue use of the av-1 if the amount of water leakage at each dive is substantial. It leads to the water leakage into the av-1 main body, then consequently it may cause a hydrogen explosion.


・Discontinue use of the av-1 of which battery connector terminals and electric contacts are corroded, as it may cause a fire.


・Do not use other than our genuine battery connector as it drains extremely large electric current. Use of non-genuine parts or modification to the genuine parts may cause a overheating or fire.


・Do not modify the electronic circuits inside of the center bulkhead assembly, as it may lead to the cause of an explosion.


・Do not modify the switches in the head assembly, as it may lead to the cause of an explosion.


・Exterior made from resin will deteriorate by aging. Discontinue use of av-1 if there is any cracking or fissures, as it will weaken the water depth resistance and consequently will cause a water leakage.


・O-rings and rotary shaft seals are consumables, requiring periodical exchanges.  Use of non genuine parts or incorrect size will cause a water leakage.


In case the av-1 is continuously used without complying with the safety notices above listed, there is a case where the av-1 may fail while in use, or it may cause an explosion while in use or storage.


We WILL NOT bear any responsibility to these accidents occurred due to default in complying these safety notices.

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