blue bio-fin

Bio-Fins Pro White

Rubber or Spring Strap 239.00 - 289.00

Special Order Only

Special Order

  • Payment In Full Due With Order
  • Usually ships 8-12 weeks after receipt of payment.
  • Quick Ship Option:  Ships in 3-5 weeks (additional charge) Size XS, S and LL Only.  Not currently available for M.
  • Special Order Item not eligible for return or exchange.
  • We will contact you to provide full details prior to processing.
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    Mens 6~7, Womens 5~7

    504 x 210mm, Pro *2000 g, Pro C-series *2180 g


    Mens 7~8, Womens 7~8

    536 x 222mm, Pro *2300 g, Pro C-series *2480 g


    Mens 8~9, Womens 9~10

    560 x 234mm, Pro *2750g, Pro C-series *2930g


    Mens 9~11, Womens 10~11 Size

    Discontinued Sold Out


    Size 11W~13+ Size Discontinued Limited Availability

    560 x 234mm, Pro *2900g, Pro C-series Sold Out



    Actual fit may vary.  US Mens & Womens recommendation based on use of 5 mm boot with average sole.  If you are in between sizes and have a wider foot or thicker soled boot we recommend selecting the larger size.  If you have a narrow foot or thinner boot we recommend selecting the smaller size.

    *Weight per pair, actual varies slightly with color and strap.

  • Tech & Care

    • Wider kicks will result in loss of momentum. Whether your traveling at cruise speed or powering through current keep kicks small.   You will move quicker and more efficiently.
    • Rinse fins with fresh water after use. Store indoors.  Avoid extended exposure to extreme heat, cold, damp, dry and automotive exhaust.  Bio fins are not the same material as tires which are often a synthetic or compound.   Avoid UV and other sprays or lubricants.  These products often contain oils or other ingredients harmful to natural rubber.
    • Spring Straps are stainless but not stain proof.  To ensure hardware remains cosmetically appealing and easy to work with, we recommend occasional disassembly to rinse screw threads.  Baking soda can help remove any staining.

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