Regulators | Clean Air & Moisture Systems

Moisture Cartridge (Wick) High Density Foam Pad For use with Bio Filter, A107, A110 and A230.  Not for use with A105 Regulator.  Singles & 3 Packs starting at $18.

Charcoal Filter Suitable for use with all Bio Filter, Bio Micro, regulators A107, 110, 210 & 230,  Not for A105.  Singles $18.

Wick & Filters Refill Kit Includes 1 Wick & 3 Filters.  For use with all Bio Filter and regulators A107, 110 & 230.  Not for A105.  Available with Charcoal or Electret filters.  Kits Starting at $50

Fill Bottle Spare Bottle with fine tip for moisture systems equipped with exterior fill port (one way valve). $10

Tool Set (2 PC) Allen Key Wrench sized for lock down fitting inside port side cap of Bio Filter and Bio Micro.  Clamp wrench for easier access to moisture tube. $15

O-ring Kit All o-rings for Bio Filter 3/8" & 1/2" $10

O-ring Kit +CV O-ring Kit + Check Valve for fill port $20

Upgrade Kit Aluminum Only - Not For Use With Brass (Current Model) Upgrade earlier moisture system with exterior fill port. Kit includes 3/8" or 1/2" cap with fill port, check valve assembly, fill bottle and Tool Set. $50

New Electret Filter Suitable for use with all Bio Filter, Bio Micro &Regulators A107, 110, 210 & 230.  Not for A105.  Singles $20.

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