Electret Filter

A diving cylinder can retain small particles of dust and oil residue.  Inhaling these contaminants can be harmful to your body.  The electret filter in employed in the Bio-Filter efficiently removes impurities including dust, rust and oil.

(Photo: Inside of old SCUBA tank.)

The filter material is determined through measurements and evaluations of dust collection performance of fine particles from 0.5um to 5um.

The high dust collection rate is achieved by the effect that the PM2.5 (the harmful particles of 2.5um or less) is, of course, also oil mist distributed in the 0.5 ~ 5um, are electrically attracted by the electrostatic force of the electret fiber.  Nowadays this electret filter is commonly used with medical filters, exclusive air cleaners and automobile premium air conditioners.

20% Improvement  in dust collection efficiency over the conventional cartridge.

With the new filter cartridge, the dust collection rate is further improved by 20% compared with conventional filter. The new filter adsorbs whole fine particles and blocks most rust and oil.  (Measurement condition:  Count number of particles by the particle counter of each particle size of the air which is filtered by the cartridge installed in the Bio-Filter.)

44% Reduction in pressure drop.

In general, with dust collection filter becomes a fine mesh.  Increased performance (collection), proportionally increases pressure drop (resistance of air flow).  However, with the new electret filter cartridge, despite 20% performance increase, pressure drop is successfully reduced by 44%.  This helps greatly to reduce the breathing resistance in extreme conditions, such as severe breathing at depth, directly involved in the relief of mitigation and air consumption fatigue.  (Measurement condition:  Air flow 30L/min., At atmospheric pressure, the cartridge installed in the Bio-Filter.)


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