Apollo Dry Suit | BVS 4.0

Neoprene Dry Suit 1679.00

Apollo's BVS Dry Suit is refreshingly easy to move in, requires less weight than other neoprenes and works well in a wide range of environments.  Comfort, versatility, and easy control make this suit a great value and the perfect choice for new and seasoned divers.

  • 4mm Microcell Neoprene for maximum flexibility and warmth without bulk or excessive buoyancy.  Perfect with swim attire in temperate waters; wear your choice of Polartech™ or similar type under garment when diving in cooler temps.  Our test divers used expedition weight undergarment for a 3 hour exploration in 39º F/ 5º C waters of Japan's Ryusen-do caves.
  • Seams Heat sealed and glued for extra strength.
  • Suspenders  Extra support and comfort.
  • Shoulder Entry Zipper Durable YKK 8TZ
  • Neck and Wrist Seals high grade neoprene material is superior to all others in performance and durability.
  • Knee Pads Flexible and abrasion resistant
  • Boots 5mm neoprene with ankle valves and double sole. Heal tab for fin strap.
  • Mini Valves for ankles and arm.  Patented ankle exhaust valves give you perfect buoyancy control, increased safety and confidence to fully enjoy your Dry Suit experience.  With Lockable ankle dump valves, you decide when to have them on or off.  Similar valve installed on left forearm for  quicker exhaust of air during ascent.
  • BVS Exhaust and Inlet Our original, state of the art technology, Bio Dry Valve System sets a new benchmark.  With our low profile design, performance, easy operation and safety our patented valve system helps make the BVS a cut above other suits in the market worldwide.
  • Shoulder Exhaust Valve features multiple settings and oversized push button exhaust.
  • Chest Inlet Valve features 360º rotation and oversized push button inflation.
  • Includes Hanger, Hose and Zipper Lubricant
  • Manufactured In Japan

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Note:  All of our valves are field serviceable.

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