Stainless Steel Frame | 329.00 - 399.00

  • Twin lens, Low Profile
  • Long wearing military grade stainless steel frame
  • Color:  Black, ceramic coated and hand polished
  • Narrow center pillar minimizes obstruction
  • Soft black silicone skirt with antibacterial treatment
  • Twin rim comfort *combo matte / gloss finish for better vision and color clarity.  New 95 cc skirt features all matte finish
  • Available in 4 Sizes (volume) 60cc , 85cc, 95cc & 110cc
  • New (AR) Anti Reflective Lens
  • New (AF) Reusable Anti-Fog PVC Sheets.  Sheets prevent silicon from adhering to lenses.  No scrub or anti-fog prep.
  • Ultra thin frame and narrow center pillar ensures expansive field of vision that is simply not possible with plastic frames.
  • Vision range 180º Horizontal, 102º Vertical
  • Quick fit buckles with push button adjustment
  • Includes padded mask bag

Matching Fit:  Size Type A=60cc, B=85cc, C=110cc or D=95cc is molded into left side of skirt, just above the buckle.  Size is molded in skirt and cannot wear off.  If you do not find A, B, C or D, size is original fit 110cc.

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