Bio-Fins Pro XT

Rubber or Spring Strap 279.00 - 329.00

Special Order Only

  • Special Order

    • Special Order Only. Usually ships in 60-120 days
    • Quick Ship:  Usually ships in 3-5 weeks (additional charge)
    • 50% Down Payment due with order.  Balance plus freight due prior to shipment.
    • Special Order Item not eligible for return or exchange.
    • We will contact you to provide full details prior to processing
  • Features

    • Bio-Fin Pro XT  (eXtra Torque)
    • High Hardness (shore75A) compound version is more rigid than original natural rubber Pro Black.  Increased hardness for firmer feel and instantaneous force against the foot.
    • Color:  Charcoal Gray
    • Strap Type:  Adjustable Rubber or Spring
    • Blade at 20º angle reduces strain on joints
    • Easy finning for all levels of fitness
    • Effortless power without muscle cramping
    • Increased maximum speed, reduced fatigue
    • Up to 40% reduced muscle fatigue, energy output and air consumption; longest recorded bottom times in testing
    • Open toe for additional comfort
    • Manufactured In Japan
  • Strap Type | Rubber or Spring

    • Rubber Strap is most common choice for military.  Strap adjusts in seconds to suit a wide variety of footwear and users.  Press clip to adjust length.  Quick release buckle.
    • Spring Strap is extremely durable and easiest to don and doff. Fins sold with specific length of spring. Additional spring lengths available.  T20 driver is required to change spring.  Auto adjusts to remain snug throughout dive.
  • Specifications

    M .  Mens 8~9, Womens 9~10 XT Gray

    560 x 234mm, Pro *2750g, Pro C-series *2930g


    L   Mens 9~11, Womens 10~11 XT Gray

    560 x 234mm, Pro *2900g, Pro C-series *3080g


    LL  Size Retired, Smaller Foot Pocket Than Fin Marked XL


    XL  Mens Size 12~14, XT Gray

    585 x 234mm, Pro *2950g, Pro C-series *3130g

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