Dry Suit | Bio Control Shell with Boots

Shell Dry Suit 2,749.00

Breathable shell dry suit


Breathable fabric with high moisture permeability ensures high degree of comfort together with durability and waterproofness.

By adopting the latest material with high moisture permeability, it reduces stuffiness in the suit even when working on the shore or on the ship, realizing excellent comfort. It also possesses water pressure resistance and can be used in conjunction with underwater work.

  • Features

    • Biotex-AQD, Outer Cordura Nylon 330 Denier
    • Reinforced Buttocks, Elbows and Knees.
    • 3mm Neoprene Neck Seal
    • 5mm Neoprene Wrist Seals with RS Coating
    • TIZIP Flexible Zipper, Diagonal, Front Entry
    • Adjustable Nylon Strap Suspenders
    • Patented adjustable ankle exhaust valves
    • Patented BVS inlet valve, 360º Swivel
    • Patented BVS shoulder exhaust valve, adjustable pressure, automatic dump, lowest profile in the world
    • Hand pasted seams, superior to conventional automation
    • 3 mm Neoprene Neck Seal (Custom or Stock Size)
    • 5 mm Neoprene Wrist Seal (Custom or Stock Size)
    • Short 5mm Boot With Ankle Valves 23 - 30 cm.
    • Includes hanger, hose and TIZIP MasterSeal Lubricant
    • Semi-Custom Fit (Specify Boot | Measure for Seals)
    • Sock Foot (no ankle valves) - 100.00
    • Manufactured In Japan
    • Special Order Only Lead Time 6-12 Weeks.
    • Size Chart
  • Material

    ● Outer layer … Cordura nylon® 330 denir

    ● Base layer … Nonporous membrane

    ● Inside layer … Nylon tricot


    biotex-AQD is suitable for both underwater and land-based activities that combine durability and moisture permeability while having high flexibility.


    Adopted "nonporous membrane" boasting water pressure resistance of 25,000 mm as the basic material. This material prevents water with a diameter of 100 μm from penetrating and realizes high moisture permeability and waterproofness by permeating water vapor with a diameter of about 0.0004 μm through a microscopic intermolecular clearance constituted by micro randomly.


    In addition, "Cordura nylon® 330 denir" which boasts overwhelming abrasion resistance is used to the outer layer. Featuring heavy duty, it demonstrates outstanding durability even in harsh fields such as rescue work and work diving. It realizes overwhelming squeeze resistance, pressure resistance, moisture permeability and durability compared to conventional products.


    It draws a line with the conventional moisture permeable fabric which was plagued by instability of waterproofness etc.

    This material takes away the heat of vaporization by efficiently dissipating the sweat to the outside, giving a refreshing feeling on the shipboard or on the land even in summer. It realized completely different dimension comfort from neoprene dry suit and conventional shell dry suit.


    Performance comparison table:  The moisture permeability of the fabric is measured by the B-1 test method of JIS L 1099:2012

  • Ankle Exhaust Valves

    Air gets trapped in suit boots.  This can be a nuisance for the experienced diver and potentially dangerous for those new to dry suit diving.  The feet up position can be a struggle to get out of.  In the auto position, Apollo's patented foot valves provide automatic relief  as needed to help prevent this problem.  Divers often discover they can also eliminate the use of cumbersome and sometimes painful ankle weights.  Cave divers will appreciate the option to turn valves off in areas where auto exhaust may not be suitable.

  • BVS Exhaust & Inlet Valves

    • Lowest profile valves
    • Easy assembly and cleaning
    • Exhaust valve features adjustable settings, auto dump
    • Inlet Valve features large side inflater, 360º swivel for placing hose to right or left
  • Accessories

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