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Apollo has designed and manufactured scooters since 1988.  The AVX Scooter features an Aluminum housing for deep dives,  travels at up to 312 ft/ min, runs at cruise speed for up to 13.5 hours on a single charge, and is equipped for traditional and hands free riding.

  • Features

    • Material:  Aluminum Body
    • Depth Rated:  492', 150M
    • Max Thrust: 250N, 25.5kgf
    • Variable Speed Trigger
    • Cruise control with saddle
    • 3-Speed pitch propeller
    • Max *Speed:  3.54 mph, Over 312 ft/min
    • Continuous Run at Max *Speed:  130 minutes
    • Cruise *Speed: 1.9 mph, 164 ft/min
    • Continuous Cruise *Time:  810 minutes (13.5 hours)
    • Traditional & Hands Free Riding (saddle included)
    • Manufactured In Japan
  • Li-Ion Battery & Charger Included

    • 1360Wh 50.4V 27Ah Li Ion Battery & Charger (included)
    • Quick connectors for charging and installing in scooter
    • Voltage Detection helps prevent over discharge

    Li-Ion Battery classified as dangerous good.  Shipping options limited and in some cases prohibited.

  • Safety Features

    • Thermal Switch protection, auto shut off if overheating occurs
    • Heat Radiation:  Aluminum gear case and plate
    • Over current detection, auto shut off at over current detection
    • LED Battery life indicator
  • Speed* | Run Time Settings

    • Max Speed *P1:  Over 312 ft/min, 3.54 mph, 5.7 km/h
    • Continuous Run at Max speed:  130 minutes
    • Cruise Speed *P2: 164 ft/min, 1.9 mph, 3 km/h
    • Continuous Cruise:  810 minutes (13.5 hours)

    Actual results vary with riding style, condition of equipment, load, diver experience and dive conditions.  Data provided is based on single, average sized, experienced diver, utilizing saddle for hands free riding diving in calm open water environment.  Vehicle and 27Ah Li-Ion battery in peak condition.


    *P1 (Pitch 1) Testing performed at full throttle.  Dependent on conditions, vehicle can achieve over 5.7km/h. **P2 (Pitch 2) Testing performed with speed reduced and steady at 3km/h (164 ft/min).  Running on P2 at full throttle will significantly reduce run time and distance. For example, run time of Evolution set at P2, running Full Throttle drops by an average of 40%.

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  • Dimensions

    • Outer dimensions 31.75 x 13.8 x 13.4", 806 x 350 x 340mm
    • Surface weight with Li-Ion battery:  51 lbs, 23.1kg
    • Submerged weight with Li-Ion battery:  0 lbs, 0kg
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  • NSN

    NSN 4220-98-207-9011 AVX

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