Measuring For Stock Size Suit


Wear close fitting swim wear to achieve most accurate results. Do not wear baggy or thick clothing. Do not attempt to take your own measurements.  The results will be much farther from actual than you think. Please choose the size the best corresponds to the measurement chart.


The charts are designed to allow some tolerance in the measurements however the boot size is critical.  If you choose a suit and the boot is too small it will be uncomfortable.  To ensure you get the correct boot size follow these simple foot measuring instructions.  Please ask somebody to measure your feet using a ruler in CM.  If you do it yourself, measurement will likely be incorrect.


1.  The measurement should be taken with full weight on the the feet

2.  If measurement is not a whole centimeter, round up

3.  If you wish to wear thicker socks whilst diving, then add one extra centimeter to the measurement

4.  Measure BOTH feet and use the measurement for largest foot


Measurement charts are designed to get the best fit possible.  However, it is a guide only.  Actual fit may vary. Many of the measurements on imperial charts are rounded.  Metric is recommended for closest fit.  Download Stock Fit Guide for Imperial.


Complete Stock Suit Fit Guide (PDF) - Includes all charts and drawings below + point to point instructions & Imperial chart.


Stock Measurement Chart (Metric) Mens   Ladies

Custom Suits Available in select areas.


How to measure (Video)

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