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Thicker neoprene is unnecessary, harder to move in and requires you to wear extra weight.  Apollo utilizes Microcell rather than crushed neoprene for the ultimate in comfort flexibility and warmth.  Despite the modest price tag, The Apollo dry suit with unique patented valve system leads the way in recreational diving.


  • Available in 9 stock sizes, 6 mens, 3 ladies
  • 4 mm Microcell neoprene offers warmth and flexibility without bulk
  • Adjustable neoprene seals
  • 2 x adjustable ankle valves stops air from trapping in boots which
  • 1x adjustable wrist valve on forearm
  • patented adjustable variable pressure automatic should dump valve, the thinnest in the world
  • new patented 360 degree swiveling inflator valve, thinnest in the world
  • Internal seams are heat sealed for extra strength and warmth
  • strong, comfortable built-in 5 mm boots
  • Adjustable suspenders for comfort, easy to lower top for colling off between dives
  • Includes hose and zip lube
  • Video
  • Manual  Schematics

Air, Ankle Weights & Accidental Inversion


Air gets trapped in suit boots and can cause numerous problems that are nuisance for the experienced diver and potentially dangerous for those new to dry suit diving.  The feet up position can be a struggle to get out of.  End the worry of accidental inversion.  In the auto position, Apollo's patented foot valves provide automatic relief  as needed to help prevent this problem.

Divers often discover they can also eliminate the use of cumbersome and sometimes painful ankle weights.  Cave and tec divers will appreciate the option to turn valves off in areas where auto exhaust may not be suitable.


Extra Relief


For quicker exhaust of air during ascent, the same valve used for boots is installed on left forearm of suit.  Note that valves do utilize a different spring.  They look very similar but tension is different.  When disassembled for cleaning, take care to keep Wrist unit separate from foot valves.


What makes the suit dry?


A suit is made dry by sealing off ankles, neck, wrists and seams to prevent water intrusion.  Boots are built in, neck/wrist seals are added and seams are sealed.


Neoprene Vs. Shell Dry Suit

Shells suits supply little to no warmth.  Thick and often bulky undergarments must be worn to compensate.  Like a wet suit, a neoprene dry suit does provide warmth.  Significantly less thermal undergarment is required.

Fin                             Boot         US Shoe                         Inseam       Height

Size                           (CM)         Size

Mens/Unisex S

Mens/Unisex M

Mens/Unisex ML

Mens/Unisex L

Mens/Unisex XL

Mens/Unisex XXL

Ladies Fit XS

Ladies Fit S

Ladies  M




28/ 30

30/ 31

30/ 31




Mens 7 ~ 8

Mens 8 ~ 9

Mens 9 ~ 10

Mens 9 ~ 10/ 11~ 12

Mens 11~12/ 12~ 13

Mens 11~12/ 12~ 13

Ladies 6~ 7

Ladies 7~ 8

Ladies 8~ 9










5'5" ~ 5'8"

5'7" ~ 5'9"

5'8" ~ 5'10"

5'10" ~ 6'1"

6'1" ~ 6'3"

6'3" ~ 6'5"

5'3" ~ 5'6"

5'4" ~ 5'7"

5'5" ~ 5'8"

Size chart is intended as a guideline. Actual fit may vary.

Tips:  Measuring For Stock Size

Measurement Guide 23 Measurements With Instruction & Drawing


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