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Bio Fin Pro Series


Brand does matter!  Apollo Bio Fins are only split fins made from 100% natural rubber material.  The Bio Fin has proven to be a superior design for short and long distance water operations.  Its capability covers all aspects of military operations such as MCT (Maritime Counter Terrorism), MTO (Maritime Tactical Operations), MCM (Mine Counter Measures) and UBDR (Underwater Battle Damage Repair).


Operators prefer to use the Bio Fin Pro series because the natural rubber is negatively buoyant.  The flexibility of rubber increases thrust and reduces the risk of surface splashing.  If the operator is required to discard the fin, it will sink to the bottom so as not to alert the target of operators presence.  The design of the fin make it ideal for helicopter drops.


Independently voted the best overall fin in the world by Scuba Diving Magazine and the first choice of many Military Special Forces units worldwide.


  • Bio-Fin Pro Features Fully Adjustable Rubber Strap
  • Bio-Fin Pro C-Series Features Stainless Steel Spring Strap
  • 100% natural rubber blade and foot pocket
  • Eliminates muscle cramping
  • Low Strain 20º angled blade works with the natural resting angles of ankle and knee
  • Easy finning for all levels of fitness
  • Increased maximum speed, reduced fatigue
  • Up to 40% reduction in muscle fatigue, energy output and air consumption; longest recorded bottom times during testing
  • Open toe foot pocket for added comfort
  • Fully Adjustable rubber strap (Pro Only)
  • Auto adjust silver stainless steel spring strap (Pro C-Series Only)
  • Oversized rubber heel protector for easy on/off (Pro C-Series Only)
  • New Size XL Now Shipping
  • Videos | Awards | Test Scores

Customize Fit:  C-series fins are stocked and offered with a specific spring strap length. For example, size L is offered with a 300 mm spring.  If you prefer a more customized fit, springs are available to purchase separately 250, 275, 300, 325 & 350 mm.  See Fin Accessories and Spares for more info.

Paddle Fins = Power on down stroke only

Bio Fins = Power on up and down stroke

Split Fin Technology Bio Fins provide lift and propulsion with less effort and more power.  Unlike other fins which push water up and down, Bio Fin blades direct water flow over the leading and trailing edges to provide power, lift and forward thrust on each stroke.  Apollo launched the original split fin in 1998.  Over 15 years of rave reviews and awards, no other fin has beaten the consistently high scores awarded by Scuba Lab and Scuba Gear Reports.


Dare to compare.  Grab a copy of latest Scuba Lab review then click here to compare with previous Bio Fin scores and video reviews.

100% Natural Rubber - Only From Apollo Superior to any synthetic or hybrid material, Bio Fins are the only split fins made with 100% natural rubber.  Rubber can be a bit heavier to tote around in a dive bag than the plastics used for most fins but the comfort, flexibility and responsiveness while diving can't be beat.  Materials in design won Apollo Bio Fins over 9 awards since 1998 and is still used by testers as the fin to beat.

Ergonomic Design Apollo Bio Fins are designed with a 20º angle to accommodate a diver's natural tendency to bend slightly at the ankle and knee.  The angle is crucial to top performance and comfort.  The result is maximum propulsion with the least amount of stress on the body.  Apollo's choice of superior material and intelligent design provide divers with quick acceleration and the ultimate in power, speed and control.


Kicking It Wider kicks result in loss of momentum. Whether your cruising along or powering through current keep your kicks small.


Tips To keep spring strap hardware cosmetically appealing and easy to service, occasionally remove the screws for a quick brush and... Continued

NSN 4220-66-152-2592  Apollo Bio Fin Pro XS, S, M, L, Black


Spare Rubber Strap (Rubber Strap Is Standard on Bio Fin Pro) NSN 4220-98-207-1008, Strap Assembly, Rubber (1) with male/female buckles

Stainless Steel Spring Strap (Spring Straps Are Standard on Bio Fin Pro C-Series) Available in Silver 250, 275, 300, 325  and 350 mm. Suitable for use with all Apollo spring strap kits and with spring straps installed.  Sold as set. $30 Pair

Stainless Steel Spring Strap Kits suitable for use with any brand fins.  Same as pre-installed on Bio Fin Pro C-Series.

Stainless Steel Springs Black 275, 300, 325  and 350 mm. Suitable for use with all Apollo spring strap kits and fins with spring straps installed.  Item sold as pair, includes black plates. Call to order $45 Pair

Size Chart:

Bio Fin Pro w/ Rubber Strap, Color Black Click For Item Numbers

Bio Fin Pro C-Series w/ Spring Strap, Color Black Click For Item Numbers


S (Small) US Mens 7 ~ 8, Womens 7 ~ 8

Length:  536 mm, Width:  222 mm, Weight:  2300 ~ 2480 g

NSN 4220-66-152-2592


M (Medium) US Mens 8 ~ 9, Womens 9 ~ 10

Length:  560 mm, Width:  234 mm, Weight:  2750 ~ 2930 g

NSN 4220-66-152-2592


L (Large) US Mens 9 ~ 11, Womens 10 ~ 11

Length:  560 mm, Width:  234 mm, Weight:  2900 ~ 3080 g

NSN 4220-66-152-2592


LL (Large-Large) Colors:  Size LL Retired

Length:  560 mm, Width:  2342 mm, Weight:  2900 ~ 3080 g

Wearing LL?  Check Size marked on back of fin (L, LL or XL).  Compare foot pockets.  Transition from L to LL is partial size with just few mm increase in height and width of pocket. XL is a full size up with significantly wider foot pocket than LL.


XL (Extra Large) NEW Size 12 ~ 14

Length:  585 mm, Width:  234 mm, Weight:  2950 ~ 3130 g


Fit:  Weight and dimensions are approximate. Size range is based on 5 mm boot with average sole. Actual fit may vary.  Rubber Strap (Pro) is fully adjustable and will provide maximum range of fit.  Spring Strap (Pro C-series) stocked with a specific spring strap length. For example, size L is stocked with a 300 mm spring.  Springs also sold separately.  Six lengths up to 375 mm.


Item Numbers By Model / Size:  USA & [International]


Description:  Bio Fin Pro Black W/ Rubber Strap (rubber split fins)

Size S  150-81-80-000  [1508180002], NSN 4220-66-152-2592

Size M  150-82-80-000  [1508280001], NSN 4220-66-152-2592

Size L  **150-84-80-000  [1508480011], NSN 4220-66-152-2592

Size LL 150-85-80-000  [1508580000]  Size LL Retired

Size XL 150-85-80-010  [1508580010] New Size

**98% Prime Vendor Fin Orders Specify:  150-84-80-000



Description:  Bio Fin Pro C-Series Black W/ Silver Spring Strap (rubber split fins)

Size S w/ 275mm Silver Spring  155-31-80-027, 155-31-80-250  [1553180027]

Size M w/ 300mm Silver Spring  155-32-80-030  [1553280030]

Size L  w/ 300mm Silver Spring  155-34-80-030  [1553480030]

Size LL w/ 325mm Silver Spring 155-35-80-032  [1553580025] Size LL Retired

Size XL w/ 325mm Silver Spring 155-35-80-232 [1553580232] New Size

Size XL w/ 350mm Silver Spring  155-35-80-235 [1553580235]


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