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The Apollo AVX Extended Range DPV Scooter features an adjustable pitch propeller along with  a high efficiency brushless motor and driver.  Vehicle is sold fully equipped with Li-Ion Battery, Charger and Apollo's innovative hands free Saddle riding system.


  • Material:  Aluminum Body
  • Motor:  500W DC brushless
  • Decelerator:  Reduction planet gear
  • Depth Rated:  492' ~ 150M
  • Max Thrust: 250N, 25.5 kgf
  • Max Speed *P1:  Over 312 ft/min, 3.54 mph, 5.7 km/h
  • Continuous Run Time at Max speed:  140 minutes
  • Cruise Speed *P2: 164 ft/min, 1.9 mph, 3 km/h
  • Continuous Cruise:  810 minutes (13.5 hours)
  • Speed Control: Progressive Acceleration Trigger for 100% variable speed control, cruise control with saddle, SHU for single hand speed control and 3-speed pitch propeller
  • Riding Styles: 3, Traditional, Single Hand Operation with SHU and Hands Free Riding with Saddle
  • Thermal Switch protection | auto shut off if overheating occurs
  • Heat Radiation:  Aluminum gear case and plate
  • Voltage detection system: protects battery from damage with auto shut off upon detection of low battery voltage
  • Over current detection:  auto shut off at over current detection
  • L.E.D. Battery life indicator
  • Outer dimensions 31.75 x 15.5 x 13.5"
  • Surface weight with Li-Ion battery:  53.5 lbs.
  • Submerged weight with Li-Ion battery:  -1.65 lbs
  • 1360Wh 50.4V 27Ah Li Ion Battery & Charger Included. Battery is Fully Regulated Hazardous Good - Limited Shipping Options
  • Saddle Included with all vehicle options
  • Single Hand Unit (SHU) Optional
  • Military Grade Case Optional
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  • Manuals   Schematics

 *Pitch Setting.  See comparison chart for additional details.

AV Series Comparison
Specification AVX AV2 Evolution
Length 31.7 in, 806 mm 28.3 in, 720mm
Width 13.8 in, 350mm 13.4 in, 340mm
Height 13.4 in, 340mm 13.4 in, 340mm
Weight w/ Battery 51 lbs, 23.1kg 45 lbs, 20.4kg
Body Material Aluminum Alloy ABS Resin
Max Operating Depth 492 feet, 150 meter 230 feet, 70 meter
Max Thrust 250N - 25.5kgf 160N - 16.3kgf
Max Speed *P1 Full Throttle 3.54 mph, 5.7 kph 2.8 mph, 4.5 kph
Max Speed Per Minute 312 ft/min, 95M/min 246 ft/min, 75M/min
Run Time Max Speed 140 minutes 80 minutes
Cruise Setting **P2 3km/h 164 ft/min, 50M/min 164 ft/min, 50M/min
Distance Cruise 25.5 miles, 41 km 6 miles, 9.6km
Run Time Cruise 13.5 hours (810 min) 190 minutes
Buoyancy Trim Seawater 0 lbs, 0kg -1.1 lbs, -0.5kg
In Water Usage Temp 23~95ºF, -5~35C 23~95ºF, -5~35C
Battery AVX AV2 Evolution
Battery Type Li-Ion Li-Ion
Battery/Charger Set Included Optional
Rated Voltage 50.4V 25.2V
Rated Capacity 27Ah 27Ah
Total Electric Power 1360Wh 680Wh
Safety Fuse 20A 20A
Recharge Time 5~6 hours 5~6 hours
Other AVX AV2 Evolution
Brushless DC Motor 500W 262W
Maximum Towing 3 People 2 People
Safety Function Water Leak Sensor Water Leak Sensor
Motor Protection Overload Protection Overload Protection
Single Hand Unit Optional Optional
Hands Free Saddle Included Included
Li-Ion Battery /Charger Set Included Optional
Vest, Neoprene 5mm No Optional
Vest, Oral Inflation No Optional
Transport Case Optional Optional
Compatible w/ Other Batteries No Yes (Lead)

Actual results vary with riding style, condition of equipment, load, diver experience and dive conditions.  Data provided is based on single, average sized, experienced diver, utilizing saddle for hands free riding diving in calm open water environment.  Vehicle and 27Ah Li-Ion battery in peak condition.


*P1 (Pitch 1) Testing performed at full throttle.  Dependent on conditions, vehicle can achieve over 5.7km/h. **P2 (Pitch 2) Testing performed with speed reduced and steady at 3km/h (164 ft/min).  Running on P2 at full throttle will significantly reduce run time and distance. For example, run time of Evolution set at P2, running Full Throttle drops by an average of 40%.

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